20+ College Argument Essay Topics

Examples of Argument Essay Topics to Inspire College Students

There are numerous college argument essay topics worth writing about. But not every student has the time or capability to come up with a debatable issue. Besides, college professors require students to defend the points selected by reliable and recent facts.

Most students tend to go for controversial topics. However, there are various issues that you can write about by opting for a controversial angle. Remember, an argument essay is about making a debatable argument and using numerous factual examples to back up each point.

A well-researched essay will show a professor that you are not just using your feelings, but every point has a basis. If you are unable to find substantial scholarly research to support you stand, then that topic is not worth writing about because it will be impossible to convince the reader.

Instead of telling a personal story or explaining an issue, argue a specific point, and ensure it relates to the thesis statement. To assist you in writing your argument essay, here is a list of college argument topics.

Technology and Social Media

  • Are students often distracted by social media?
  • Should what employees say on social media be ground for getting fired?
  • What’s the ideal punishment for cyberbullying?
  • Is online learning better than face-to-face studies?
  • Can mobile phones be great education tools?
  • Are computer games effective as a class instruction tool?
  • Should human workers be replaced with automation?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the internet
  • Should the internet be policed?
  • Are online activists shy in real life?
  • Are teenagers relying more on social media
  • Do we still need wrist watches to tell time?
  • Is online lottery fair?
  • Technology limits creativity.
  • Technology has a negative impact on education.

H2: Philosophy Argument Essay Topics

  1. Do moral rules enslave people?
  2. Morality is related to an individual’s level of education.
  3. Are morals relative to society or culture?
  4. Is the creation similar to evolution?
  5. Are evil traits hereditary?
  6. Is there a moral obligation to be honest?
  7. Argue for or against utilitarianism
  8. Are people born good or evil?
  9. Does the belief in God shape a person’s character?
  10. Do moral facts exist?
  11. Which theory is the most convincing in explaining human behavior?
  12. Is abortion morally wrong?
  13. Has feminism as a movement achieved its goals?
  14. Cloning should be ethically permissible.
  15. Personal use of drugs should be legal.
  16. Ethics behind bitcoins

H2: Gender

  1. Currently is there equality between sexes
  2. Military service and the role of gender
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of ladies getting married while young
  4. What defines the concepts of femininity or masculinity in modern society?
  5. Should gender diversity be part of the school curriculum
  6. Should corporate allow employees to self-identify their gender?
  7. Is gender equality the cause of development in a country?
  8. Will our society be better if more women were in power?
  9. Does a person or society define gender?
  10. Gender stereotypes in the sports industry influence the careers of athletes.
  11. Have American women made substantial changes in the social and economic sphere?
  12. Marketing specialists are taking advantage of gender stereotypes in advertising.

In case the topic you want to write about is not listed in this post, you can ask a professional writer for help.

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