30+ Middle School Argument Essay Topics

Debatable Argument Essay Topics

Middle school is a great time to start writing essays that require more research and logic or how to write my essays online. By writing argument assignments, kids will sharpen their debating skills by producing high-quality content that is also convincing. They will also be able to gain experience in gathering scholarly evidence and have expressed their opinions in a passionate way.

What’s to love about argument essays is student gets to pick a topic of interest and argue against or for the issue. In college, learners have to select subject matter to ensure detailed research. It should also showcase analytical abilities and support with recent scholarly sources.

In middle school, the topics are moderate, work to create awareness on an issue, and improve writing skills. The research details are do not require extensive research and may not include references to scholarly material.

Listed in this article are argument essay topics suitable for all middle school learners. A teacher can assign these issues to see how students will pick which side to support and defend that side.

Easy Argument Topics

  1. Should the pledge of allegiance be mandatory in schools?
  2. Which is the ideal punishment for bullying?
  3. What is a suitable punishment for someone found guilty of animal cruelty
  4. Should everyone get free access to the internet?
  5. Learners should have more input in what is included in the curriculum?
  6. Do girls and boys face the same amount of societal pressure?
  7. Are reality shows a true depiction of what goes on in real life?
  8. Should it be mandatory for all school children to learn to swim?
  9. Should it be mandatory for learners to participate in sports?
  10. Pros and cons of zoos
  11. Should government forms include more than the two known options for gender?
  12. Is it better to have individual privacy or national security?
  13. Should cigarettes be outlawed?
  14. Should students stand up to racism?
  15. Should countries with a large population refuse immigrants?
  16. Is entertainment a distraction in studying?
  17. Are mobile phones a distraction in learning?
  18. Do tattoos and numerous body piercing reflect a rebellious attitude
  19. When is euthanizing a pet ethical?
  20. Should you judge a person based on their financial status?
  21. Are there benefits of learning a second language?
  22. Should photoshopped magazine pay a fine?
  23. Is gluten-free food better than gluten meals?
  24. Is Pizza considered a nutritious snack?
  25. Do celebrities have a right to privacy?
  26. Should religion be kept in politics or out?

H2: Sports

  1. Why do athletes earn so much money?
  2. Why should golf not be considered as a competitive sport?
  3. Is cheerleading a sport that is taken seriously?
  4. Is steroid use worth the risks?
  5. Are violent video games to blame for violent behavior?
  6. Does engaging in sports keep kids out of trouble?
  7. Are schools putting a lot of time and money on sports than in education?
  8. Between hard work and talent which is essential for succeeding in sports?
  9. Can video games be considered lucrative sports or recreational activities?
  10. Which is the most fun sport
  11. Do steroid help or destroy the body
  12. Does sports competition prove an athletes competence

By opting for a passionate topic, students shall start writing an argument essay easily. Just make sure the selected subject is familiar to you and debatable.

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