5 Case Study Advantages Worth Knowing

Case Study Advantages

Are you stuck on whether to use a case study or not? Use this post to know the advantages which will help you make an informed choice.

Major Strengths of Case Studies

Ever since people started writing case studies, they have become a crucial form of research in all fields and industries. However, people soon started criticizing it because it is hard to generalize from a single case. Biasness in data collection, analysis, and interpretation further resulted in a lack of consensus on case study principles and purpose. Regardless of the cons, it is hard to refute that the advantages are numerous and far outweigh the disadvantages.

This post covers the advantages that case studies offer to researchers and individuals.

Makes Complex Information Easy to Understand

Case studies can take numerous forms. However, simple or complex scenarios are the most common forms. When it comes to complex problems, case studies make them easier to understand even for people who are not experts in that subject. It also allows the participant to be involved in real-life situations, which otherwise might be difficult.

Stimulate New Research

Case studies allow scientific experiments to be conducted. If the finding is valuable, the ideas are adapted and used to formulate a novel hypothesis. The hypothesis can then be used in later testing. The knowledge gained from the research is often invaluable and benefits not only the individual but other industries. Without a hypothesis in the case study, some of the successful research could not have been possible.

The findings from new research provide first-hand data to the problems that businesses or people face.

Ability to Contradict Existing Theories

Sometimes theories that were once widely accepted and deemed the truth can be contradicted as long as there is substantial evidence to back up your claims. The ideal way to oppose a theory is through a case study.

What’s great about case studies is that it involves thorough testing and views supported by hard to refute evidence. For instance, the theory of special relativity was superseded by general relativity.

Therefore while classical theories gave accurate expectations and were supported by evidence when contradicted, the result is that the new approach becomes superior. All these are made possible with a case study.

Can Be Done Remotely

Case studies have a reputation for demonstrating how solutions work and who they apply to. This is done by offering proof of its effectiveness. When conducting research, the researcher does not have to be physically present to obtain data. They can use phone interviews or mail questionnaires, and the writing process can be completed in a remote location.

Teaches About the Use of Different Research Methods

Apart from interviews and questionnaires, the research method can use several research methods. The research data is then analyzed through different methods such as grounded theory. Besides, case studies have a high level of relevance to every individual who is participating. These researches remain actively engaged in the data collection process, which works to impact more knowledge on the area of interest.

What makes a case study more relevant than other research methodologies is that it makes the researcher use analytical and critical thinking skills to decide which issue to focus on. Then use facts to defend and prove the thesis.

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