50 argument essay topics middle school

List of Middle School Argument Essay Topics

For any argument essay to get a high score, the chosen topic must be focused and debatable. The trick is to go for an issue that has counterarguments. You can get that from various categories such as climate changes, education, religion, sports, gender, and politics. Check out this list of topics suitable for middle school. Use any of them to inspire your writing process.

  1. Is social media affecting teenagers?
  2. Do teenagers know their sexual orientation?
  3. Should teenagers drink alcohol?
  4. Do kids spend a lot of time watching television?
  5. Should kids be given more pocket money?
  6. Do friends influence a teenager’s behavior?
  7. Does summer school help children?
  8. Should uniform be mandatory for middle school kids
  9. Should religion be taught in all schools?
  10. Should parents monitor their kid’s internet searches?

H2: Education

  1. Is it morally wrong to download copyrighted school material illegally?
  2. Do standardized tests determine the competency of a student?
  3. Should everyone get a higher education?
  4. Does a parent’s poverty affect the quality of education of their child?
  5. Should children be allowed to draw on walls as a way to showcase their creativity?
  6. School and work schedules should match each other. True or false
  7. Teachers should be friends with their students on Facebook
  8. Does technology help students with their homework?
  9. Interesting argument essay topics: who should pick them, students, or teachers?
  10. Does technology affects the handwriting of a student

H2: Fun Argument Topics for Middle Schools

  1. What are the effects of hate crime in school?
  2. The education system of American schools is the best
  3. Should teachers be paid more?
  4. Which two subjects should be excluded from the school curriculum?
  5. What is the appropriate age for dating?
  6. Do females prefer romantic novels?
  7. Is it possible to trace the location of the phone online?
  8. Which is the appropriate punishment for middle school kids
  9. Should students critique their teachers in front of the class?
  10. Are online friends trustworthy?

H2: Controversial Essay Topics

  1. Is the US election process fair?
  2. Is the government system corrupt?
  3. Should animals be used in testing?
  4. Negative and positive outcomes of feminism
  5. Should teachers be blamed for student’s low results?
  6. Should vending machines be banned in schools?
  7. Should parents be allowed to discipline their children physically?
  8. Is Spanish the most straightforward language to study?
  9. Can humans influence climate change?
  10. Can gun control reduce crime?

H2: Health-Related Topics

  1. Is fast food the main source of health issues?
  2. Herbal medicine versus modern treatments
  3. Should abortion have an age limit?
  4. Should school kids be taught about different forms of contraceptives?
  5. People need marijuana for better health
  6. Why is the idea of free healthcare for everyone not implemented?
  7. Does the economic environment affect a person’s health?
  8. Is it ethical to quarantine people with a terminal illness?
  9. Can the addiction of chocolate be called a disease?
  10. Advantages and disadvantage of the healthcare system becoming private

While there is a vast amount of topics to choose from, always ensure the focus area is informative and contributes to your academic level or to teaches something new. Anyway, you can join to professional essay writing service – https://writemyessaytoday.org/ website. The supporting sources should be factual, recent and make it easier for you to formulate thoughtful error-free content.

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