Fascinating Topics Ideas For Students in All Academic Levels

What Makes an Argument Essay Great?

Do you find it challenging to come up with a great argument topic? At one point in school, students, even those who get A-grades, will have a hard time coming up with an impressive angle to focus on. You might assume that getting a good angle to focus on will be much easier since you have your own views on the topic. On the contrary, a good argument topic is much harder to compose because the student must have convincing evidence for each point.

The trick to finding a good topic is to do extensive research on the subject, even if you have background knowledge. That way, you can find a theme, issue, or angle to focus on. The subject matter should be specific and debatable. Avoid topics that you have strong feelings on, as it will be tough to argue with a clear mind.

You can also get additional topics from our posts. We have covered a wide range of issues. Do not be surprised if you get inspired after reading this comprehensive list. You can jot down those you find interesting so that the next time you have to select an issue to argue, you do it quickly.

Interesting argument essay topics

  • Do tests scores the best way to assess a student’s competency?
  • Is a well-read student a smart person?
  • The roles of parenting should not be defined.
  • Parents should be allowed to discipline their children physically.
  • Is college and university too commercialized?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of social media
  • Impact of social media in education
  • Should HR professionals get evaluated on the Kpi Results?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should professionals have a Linked-in profile?
  • Should technology be integrated into the classroom?
  • Does a student learn better with technology?
  • Is social media affecting mental health?
  • Should teachers working with disabled students be paid more?
  • Should professors be paid a higher salary?
  • Should teachers be friends with their students on social media?

H2: Controversial Argument topics

Controversial topics are some of the top argument essays as they make debating so much easier. The issues can come from a wide range of topics like politics, religion, social, and even sports. The trick to making a good argument is to stick with facts, be aware of your goal for writing, and avoid cliché issues. Here are some of the controversial topics worth considering.

  1. Can you succeed in life without education?
  2. Are girls too emotional?
  3. Is following fashion trends important?
  4. Is the death penalty effective?
  5. Is politics always a dirty game?
  6. Pros and cons of feminism?
  7. Is it right for a woman to propose to a man?
  8. Are modern people too dependent on technology?
  9. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  10. McDonald’s should be everyone’s favorite restaurant.
  11. All states should legalize marijuana.
  12. College students with part-time jobs should receive less homework.

Maybe you do not find the subject that interesting or you are experiencing writer’s block. Whatever reason is preventing you from writing a great topic, you can always ask for assistance from a professional who specializes in writing custom papers.

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