Good Topics for an Argument Essay Worth Discussing About

Debatable Argument Essay Topics to Discus

An argument essay is one of the most straightforward tasks to write as long as you have a good topic that you are also passionate about and ask about orderessay. By selecting an issue with ample background information, you will be able to take a position on it. However, you must also do further research on the subject to ensure that what you are presenting is recent and factual.

This list of comprehensive topics will help any student who wants to submit an essay that will impress the teacher or professor. Besides, the best writing ideas often come up by exploring several options. The topics are arranged based on various categories to make it easier for anyone to go to their favorite section and find issues worth writing about. They all suit middle school, high school, and even college students.

Fun Topics

  1. Are ACT and ACTs an accurate tool for gauging the abilities of a person?
  2. SAT exams are built to fail students. True or false
  3. Does the US have a fair tax system?
  4. Has social media and online apps made cheating easy
  5. Should men have paternity leave?
  6. Are mobile phones dangerous to our health?
  7. Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
  8. Should governments have a say in their citizen’s diet
  9. Are A list actors and actresses paid too much money
  10. A well-rounded person is often not the smartest person.

H2: High School Topics

  1. Should people believe that there is life after death?
  2. Should age be a deciding factor when getting into a relationship?
  3. Has technology and the internet made hate crime to grow
  4. Have the steps taken to enhance equality in gender worked?
  5. Should it be illegal for kids below 18 years to get tattoos?
  6. Why kids admire renown people
  7. Have equal rights amendment for women failed
  8. Are mother’s naturally better parents?
  9. High school experience is essential in shaping an individual’s personality
  10. Is fast food a grave threat to our health?

H2: College Topics

  1. Is prostitution a woman’s right?
  2. Should religious institution have a say in birth control
  3. Music is a great stress reliever
  4. Should people believe in precognitive dreams?
  5. Should the mid-life crisis be considered a health issue?
  6. Abortion pro-life versus pro-choice.
  7. Impacts of feminism on young girls
  8. Is it ethical to prevent sick people from getting quality healthcare because they have no money?
  9. Which education system is better public schools or homeschooling?
  10. Is veganism an environment-friendly option?

The fun part about writing an essay is learning something new, even if you have some knowledge of the topic. It is important to go for an issue you agree with because writing about the views of an opposing side can also increase the odds of receiving a good essay score.

Researching both sides helps to broaden your perspective. Regardless of the topic decided upon, an argument essay will be scored based on persons thinking, research, analytical, and writing abilities. Additionally, ensure the basic structure is clear, cover all the key information and include recent reliable supporting content. When providing evidence ensure it connects to the topic sentence and thesis.

If you have a well-developed paragraph, convincing thesis, a clear stand on the subject matter and cover all the key components mentioned above, the chances of the essay receiving an impressive grade are high.

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